At Wharton Advisors Corp., we recognize that each of our clients has their individual needs and requirements. To ensure we provide the best possible services, we combine our range of services and skills to facilitate the most effective bespoke solutions for our clients.


Getting the most out of an insurance portfolio requires a holistic review of current data points, including needs, suitability, structure, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the underlying insurance holdings. The use of well-tested methodologies and advanced valuation models help achieve a comprehensive overview. This includes:

Policy Review

We review all aspects of the policy contract for clients so that they understand the features and benefits of their policies including, crediting rates, secondary guarantees etc.

Policy Optimization

Based on the client’s needs we can often reduce the existing cost of maintaining the coverage or offer other solutions including enhancing the value of the insurance coverage through actuarily optimizing the policy premiums to meet the client objectives.

Independent Medical Review

This qualitative screen is unique to our management team’s approach. By utilizing this tool, we provide our corporate clients with an additional level of risk mitigation by helping understand duration requirements for maintaining existing insurance and annuity positions.


This service focuses on ensuring that every aspect of the longevity product suits the client’s current needs and requirements. Frequently, there are circumstances where segments of an insurance portfolio are no longer needed, have become unaffordable or have little to no value. On a seasoned portfolio, there is often embedded real value that can be monetized. In other circumstances, where the need for insurance still exists, the products can be funded using external capital. Options include:

  • Valuation
  • Settlement
  • Premium Financing
  • Collateralized Loans

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