Life Settlement Market Overview

The practice of trading Life Insurance policies is growing rapidly as more individuals become aware that there is a legitimate marketplace. This is coupled with the trend of baby-boomer generation reaching retirement and the need for additional retirement income rises accordingly. Knowledge and increase of supply underline the growth that is being witnessed.

As the market grows, there is an increased importance to partner with an expert in the asset class to take advantage of the opportunities and to ensure that pitfalls are avoided. Wharton Advisors Corp. work hard to educate clients and offer transparency in all aspects of the process.

The life settlement market is still primarily focused on the US market, as the untapped potential is reflected in the statistics that show the market currently around $12 billion in annual volume versus the approximately $19 trillion in life policies in force. The demographical landscape shows how the over 65 population is expected to grow from 35 million in 2000 to 71.5 million in 2030, which will further increase the demand for a secondary market in policies.

QutetionGlobal institutions are now looking for non-traditional alternatives both in type of investments and in risk adoption