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Publications SEC
Investor bulletin on LS of 29 July 2010
Report LS of 22 July 2010
The basic of Life Settlements (LISA guide)
Insurance Studies Institute-The Life Insurance Secondary Market-An Investment Perspective (2010)
National Viatal Statistics Reports Volume 59 (2010)
Fasano -The Actuarial Syndrome Article (September 2010)
Russel Investments Research on Life Settlements (2010)
Life Settlement Review – The Need for Change in the Media’s Portrayal of Life Settlements (February 2010)
A.M. Best Review - Life Settlements (February 2006)
Moody's – Life Settlements: Where Life Insurance Meets the Capital Markets (February 2006)
Academic research
Bernstein Research –Life Settlements Need Not be Unsettling (2005)
Bernstein Research –Life Settlements Update: What a difference a year can make (2006)
Insurance Studies Institute – Secondary Market of Life Insurance and Related Insurer Challenges Entering 2009
LISA Whitepaper – Cashing in on Unneeded Life Insurance Policies: How Seniors a benefiting from Life Settlements
LPD – Life Settlement Market Analysis 2008 (2009)

Wharton Advisors Corp. Updates

  • Improving Models

    The use of actuarial data has rightly been the cornerstone of the Life Settlements industry.

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  • Longevity Protection: Bringing the Life Settlement Market into the 21st Century.

    The Life Settlement Market had seen exponential growth over the last 15 years

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  • Life Settlements – Is the Market Dying?

    The recent deal for Fortress Investment Group securing the $6.2bn portfolio of distressed assets from KBC Financial Products was the major deal in the market of this year.

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