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Institutional investors, looking to enter the longevity market through a risk managed and institutionally structured offering, are now able to partner with Wharton Advisors Corp. to develop the most efficient solution for their specific requirements.

Wharton Advisors Corp. is able to offer a range and depth of service through a sophisticated model for management that can not be matched. Whether developing tailor-made segregated portfolios to meet target returns, reviewing the efficiency of other funds, or assisting a client restructure its distressed portfolio of policies, Wharton Advisors Corp. has the expertise to provide unique propositions.


Wharton Advisors Corp. Updates

  • Improving Models

    The use of actuarial data has rightly been the cornerstone of the Life Settlements industry.

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  • Longevity Protection: Bringing the Life Settlement Market into the 21st Century.

    The Life Settlement Market had seen exponential growth over the last 15 years

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